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Optimize Turnarounds With Our
AI-Powered Monitoring Solution

Enhancing your visibility of every turnaround, IntellAct can help you transform your daily operations, making them more efficient, safe and timely than ever before.

We Are IntellAct

We are a highly-experienced team of aviation experts and data scientists driven by a shared mission - to help the industry overcome the costly challenge of flight delays that stem from turnaround issues.

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Our Turnaround Monitoring Solution

Our AI-powered middleware solution helps airports, airlines and ground teams optimize the turnaround process by providing real-time visibility of activities taking place at the gate, enabling better data-driven decisions and eliminating the need for manual reporting.

How Does Our Technology Work?

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Comprehensive Airside Monitoring

Leveraging existing CCTV cameras at the airport, our field-proven solution uses AI-powered video analytics to monitor airside turnaround activities Above and Below The Wing in real-time.

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Laser-Sharp Accuracy

Hosting powerful GIS detection capabilities, our innovative technology can reliably identify and detect the exact moment a turnaround task begins and has been completed.

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Invaluable Insights

Our solution produces a broad set of event timestamps, which enables airports, airlines and ground teams to identify and resolve any bottlenecks in their daily operations.

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Timely Alerts & Mitigation Plans

Integrating seamlessly with leading providers of A-CDM or Total Airport Management systems, it delivers timely alerts to relevant stakeholders when there is a service delay, as well as actionable mitigation plans.

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Stakeholder Empowerment

Greater visibility of the turnaround process enables stakeholders to find data-driven solutions to delays well before they occur. Our data can also be harnessed for more accurate predictions of flight departure times.

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Who We Work With

We work closely with airports, airlines and ground-handling teams, all of whom may have varying priorities but share the common aim of operating safely and on time. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

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  • Enhance day-to-day operational efficiency and optimize resource allocation

  • Reduce costly expenses linked to delayed flights e.g. inefficient use of gates, runways, extended use of ground handling services, staff overtime, reduced throughput etc.

  • Boost the accuracy of Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) predictions

  • Make better decisions regarding gate allocation and departure sequencing.

  • Improve safety and compliance issues at the gate

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  • Improve On-Time Performance (OTP)

  • Improve aircraft utilization and maximize capacity

  • Reduce costly expenses linked to delayed flights e.g. ineffective use of aircraft, crew, fuel e.g. reduced taxiing and holding patterns

  • Check compliance with service-level agreements and validate billing

  • Enhance customer experience and reputation

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Ground Teams
  • Enhance efficient utilization of personnel and GSE (Ground Service Equipment)

  • Reduce cost by optimizing resource planning

  • Confirm compliance with service-level agreements and alerts when deviation is detected

  • Use the data to generate accurate and verifiable billing


What Sets Us Apart

Focused on improving turnaround times for the aviation industry, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.

Most Accurate and Comprehensive Event Timestamps

We offer the broadest and most accurate event timestamps for turnaround activities Above and Below the Wing.

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Empowering Every Stakeholder

Delivering immediate alerts to key stakeholders’ existing user interfaces, they can prevent small disruptions from snowballing into bigger delays.

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Minimal Disruption and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Our advanced algorithms optimize GPU usage and maximizes existing CCTV infrastructure. Our solution is quick to implement and designed to minimize overhead.

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Seamless Integration with Existing IT infrastructure

Our solution interfaces smoothly with leading providers of A-CDM or Total Airport Management systems (but we can also provide a standalone solution if preferred).

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Detailed Service Reports

Highlighting key metrics of every turnaround process e.g. cargo loading and unloading, passenger counts, rate of boarding and deplanement etc. to support performance analysis and improvement.


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