Turnaround management at a ground breaking speed

We allow airlines, airports, and ground handling teams to address turnaround services performance bottlenecks, minimize delays and transforms precious ground time to air time.

How it Works

Our Artificial intelligence monitors turnaround services in real-time and alerts relevant stakeholders when actual performance is slower than expected, or when safety violation is detected.


Airport / Airline
Operation Center

Ramp Manager

Airport / Airline
Data Analysis Platform

Benefits for the Ecosystem

Predictable and consistent turnaround times increase operational efficiency of all parties.


  • Higher OTP (On Time Performance)

  • Higher utilization of airplanes, gates, and personnel

  • Real-time detection of SLA violations


  • Accurate data for billing airplane services 

  • Better utilization of gates infrastructure 

  • Shorter taxi times

Ground Handling

  • Effective allocation of personnel and service equipment 

  • Proactive mitigation of service delays

  • Safer working environment


Why Us


Capturing the exact timing of all turnaround services

Fast & Labor Free

A.I and real-time based detection

Minimal Setup Cost

Leveraging existing CCTV infrastructure

Historical Data Analysis

Performance analysis of   ground resources

Flexible Pricing Scheme

Subscription and volume based model


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